Serene Location

The Joseph and Mary Retreat House is nestled on 40 acres amid the quiet and tranquil grounds of the Mundelein Seminary.  The heavily forested grounds and sparkling lake provide a backdrop to the unique Colonial architecture of the buildings.  The Joseph and Mary Retreat House is a place where you feel instantly calm and closer to God.  Our being resonates with the sight of nature, sounds of a peaceful surrounding, and the smell of fresh air. These experiences wake something up inside of us, and help to set our lives into a more natural rhythm.  Here, you are physically present with earth, God and all that surrounds them.  Nothing supports the opening of the heart and mind like the beauty, tranquillity, and silence of the natural world.

During your stay you are invited to walk through the grounds and reflect on your life and spirituality.  There are many paths, bridges and the lake to enjoy on your journey.  It's the perfect setting for a time of reflection.  Even the deer that live on our grounds seem to be comfortable honoring our guests as they walk through the wooded areas in harmony with people.  Take a look at some photos below of our beautiful location.

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